Something that really got on my nerves the other day when the USWNT played

I saw all over twitter and instagram that people were not going to watch simply because their favorite player wasn’t starting, or playing at all. Now, the issue I take with this is that no matter who is playing or who isn’t playing, they deserve your support. Sometimes when it comes to friendly games, a coach may decide to rest some of his/her players so that they are ready to play in games that are bigger, or hold more esteem in the long run. This gives players who may not see as much playing time a chance to develop and get a feel for their team.

Everyone has their favorite players, but at the end of the day, you are a fan of the team as a whole. One individual player can’t win a match entirely by themselves. It takes an entire team.

By saying that you won’t watch a match because a player you like is not on the pitch makes it pretty obvious that you don’t give a damn about the team as a whole. I feel as though your fan status is revoked because if you can’t realize how childish it sounds that you won’t support your team because one person isn’t playing, you obviously have no love for the sport or another else who dares step foot on the pitch.

Grow up, honestly. Coaches make decisions regarding who is the best fit, who needs more field time or practice, and injuries happen. Our favorite players won’t always be around, it’s time to embrace the new squad and let them have their time in the spotlight as well. 

And one last note, it is totally okay and normal to feel disappointed when your favorite player isn’t on the field. However, you have to remember that they’re not out for good, they’re just out for one game. You shouldn’t punish the whole team because one person isn’t playing. 

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Posted on Sunday, 23 June
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